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The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is an American company that develops, manufactures, and markets power tools. It is a brand and subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, a Chinese company, along with AEG, Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Vax. It produces corded and cordless power tools, hand tools, pliers, hand saws, cutters, screwdrivers, trims, knives, and tool combo kits.

Hole Hawg is made by the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

A customer shares his experience on milwakeetool.com, "Had a older Hole Hawg for years and abused it. I mean really abused it. I use it to spin a heavy cable up to 200' long. Finally fried it, new brushes wouldn't help so I bought a new one. Subtle changes, but the biggest is they use a new chuck from Jacobs. IT WON'T HOLD THE BIT. Used my channel locks on on the chuck key but constantly slipped and threw the adapter I had in place. Took it back and for now I'm using a cheap big box drill that works fine. What a shame."


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Assembly II (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"They hire anyone. Convicted felons very dangerous people who have been to prison from dealing drugs,robbery,attempt murder to murders. They hire men quicker than females. They have their favorites & pick the people who kiss their butt to move up in the company. The employees can curse out management and nothing happens. They only care about getting the products out by any means necessary. Not the employee. A lot of shady things go on that the public needs to know about. Management will bully people because of their title & position Cons: 30 minutes lunches and standing for up to 8 hours a day"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Not a pleasant place to work - no support from management or other supervisors - do not care for the people at all- do not get a lunch at times- miserable while at work - no team effort - stressed at all times - mistreat employees no respect for employees - employees being degraded."

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Better off looking somewhere else if you wanting a career job. Management is horrible and they make hours and days mandatory with less than 24 hour notice. In house workers rarely get a chance to move up so whatever you are hired on as will probably be your position forever."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"They show lots of favoritism when trying to advance. Supervisor have poor supervisory skill and mangers and HR can just go to h! Don’t pay anything at all that why the true over is so high. I would be careful about applying here!"

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"It sucked working there st that location. Management sucks. They lie too much and gossip with other co workers. No room for advancement. They hold you back from promoting within"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Managment creates a very hostile uncomfortable environment along with some employees who bring messy situations to start up alot of wrongful actions. It is not a company nor job you would want to work for. The pay stays the same rate when you rollover from Temp to Full Time."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I give this company low ratings due to poor management and other employees lieing on one another. Certain situations could have been handled differently if management would have been more open-minded and researched to obtain actual facts."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"I was injured on the job. I was put on leave and didn't receive workman comp. I'm so disappointed in the decision. This happened over two months ago. I'm not receiving any income. I haven't got an offer for another position. Cons: Working well with others"

Package Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"It ok to work it not temperature control and the mangment is ok but the hours are crazy and you have to work on weekend and they also have a point system."

DC Clerk (Former Employee) says

"stressful daily. poorly managed on all accounts, from the head to the tail. unfairly paid, no advancements, poor points scale and overly overly worked."

Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lack of communication from management. Cons: During mandatory Saturdays only received two 10 minute breaks on an 8 hour shift, You will get fired for using the bathroom too much even if you have a bladder problem."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"poor management, ungreetful supvisors and managers, awful work condition , wouldn't work there again if my life depended on it"

Operator/Welder (Former Employee) says

"Work days 7 days learn about welding tool parts & customer service when ordering parts co-workers was good hardest part when tools have blows from the welding management was good Cons: yes"

Temp to Hire Employee (Former Employee) says

"False sense of security. The first quarter 20% growth isn’t achieved, you will be culled like sick livestock. Most interns quit within 3-4 months. Use your diploma elsewhere. Cons: People bail."

Distribution Manager (Former Employee) says

"Milwaukee has the absolute worse culture of any company that I have ever worked for in my career. The turnover rate for salaried employees is unprecedented. This cannot be the norm!"

Ltl consolidatoon (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't remmend my dog to work there at Milwaukee tool not at all that's the worst warehouse I have ever work because of lack of knowledge of the people that's doing all the work and to many snickers lying on u and have the manager and lead in their pocket and still lying on u just because they Can do that to u and it's nothing that u can do about it. Suspends and fired home atahhohhomeAmen h Cons: They r very wrong for that but its ok"

Operator c (Current Employee) says

"This place is clean, and air conditioned. Their medical benefits are very good. BUT you are just a number. This company does not care about you and if you leave, or get fired, die you will be replaced by end of day. The company is extremely behind in technology. The new technology they do seem to invest in ends up not preforming as well as the old. They waste money like you could not believe. They do not listen to employees. They do not and are incapable of properly maintaining equipment. They commonly make quick improper fixes to keep going but never go back to fix them properly. Don't think you will have a family life because you will not. No matter how hard everyone on the floor works management will expect more. The turn over rate is very high here and if you want to see why get a job here, if you have any job history you will see the best things about the place is it clean, air conditioned, and the benefits are good. Out side of that you'll end up dreading your day at work. By the way this is job is at Empire Level it is owned by TTI / Milwaukee Tool. You think would be a good thing but Milwaukee Tool doesn't treat or view you as apart of thier company. If I had to guess, I would say this company will be shipped to China with in the next 5 to 10 years just like the majority of the other companies producing products for Milwaukee Tool. Cons: Very bad management, concerns are numbers/money not their employees happiness or health"

Repair Technician (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is spent scrambling trying to get production that is set way to high. Not really much time to go to the bathroom. Very stressful with the threat of termination looming over your head if you don't make production for that month. Management is not very knowledgeable, just there to "oversee" not very professional. There is no such thing as "teamwork" here nor is it encouraged. I could go on and on but don't have all day to continue. I can't honestly recommend this job to anyone at this time. The company needs a serious make over. If you like hard work, unfair treatment, low pay, long hours, STRESS heck I say go for it. Cons: Not enough breaks, poor managment, low pay"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you call getting every bonus , 401k, your thanksgiving turkey taken away a good job.... Then apply Cons: Everything"

matt says

"I bought a 5540 polisher at amazon. I bought it because I reviews said made in USA. Mine was made in China! It didn't sound like an older milwaukee polisher I had that was made in USA from the start. I spoke with them on the phone and then sent the tool in for repair , I got an email saying it wasn't covered under warranty. What!! They said it was out of warranty and it would be 137.00 to replace the armature..WHAT!! I choose to have it sent back to me , and they sent it back taken apart!! Totally disassembled!! The internals on the polisher look brand new , even the case looked brand new. Their made in China versions of anything are not the same as made in USA products.Never again milwaukee your tools are garbage. I wanted to support an American company but it looks like I get to buy a new dewalt 849 or makita polisher. I might buy one of both. My dad and uncle swore by Milwaukee, thanks for screwing up a family tradition. I will never buy milwaukee or recommend milwaukee to anyone as long as I'm alive."

Rick Tanchuk says

"Terrible customer service Calgary Canada industrial power tools is there warranty depot I’ve had some tools in there for over six months they have told me you can come and pick them up if you want we’re doing you a favour repairing them we don’t know when they’ll be fixed so just wait very rude trying to get a hold of Milwaukee themselves is a task leaving messages to no one returning I spent $30,000 on this company’s tools"

Robert Dean says

"1/2 drive cordless Milwaukee gun 11 months on making an awful noise contacted the company I purchased it from not interested contact Milwaukee the most unhelpful person in the world answers the phone. He made me feel like I was interrupting his day couldn’t care less some customer service non existent . Gone back to trusty dewalt . Milwaukee absolute cowboys"

TruGuru says

"Charlies. Co.uk uses DpD. one of the worst parcel delivery companies out there. We should all Use Royal Mail and support our posties more rather than these clowns such as DPD and Hermes etc. They make u wait all day and at the end lie about we (receivers) not being in the Property. While we waited all day today for delivery, driver didn't even bother to ring the bell, took picture of some random door and left. Will never buy from any one using DPD again."

Rick Jones says

"The M12 compact vacuum has less suction than a $2 toothless prostitute. It's also super heavy for a one handed tool and awkward to use. None of the attachments perform well, so I'm constantly switching tips. It's an absurdly ridiculous product. I would give this a big fat F. Oh and actually value in this tool is about $5."

Simon Atkinson says

"I have had several cordless Milwaukee power tools the batteries have last about 10 seconds past the end of the warranty on all of the them compared to my Makita and Dewalt that are over 10 years old and still going. I was recently also given a size Large pair of the heated gloves,,,,, large school girl, maybe neither me or any of the people I work with could get our hands into these gloves for a company producing tools and work equipment/wear, absolutely ridiculous!!! Buy the no name for a quarter the price at least you do not expect anything from those."

Michael Clarke says

"warranty was good 2 years ago the company has gone down hill. Save your money and go elsewhere"

Mattmanning says

"Overpriced rubbish, they've got this anti warranty section on their website, you can't fill the form in."

ckn says

"Hi. I have alot of Milwaukee tools. Just purchased a one key device. What a big let down. The selection button doesn't work. And the Bluetooth is non existent. I don't think one key has sorted the connections properly. I would recommend keeping away from one key devices. I am awaiting a reply from the vendor. Will not buy a device like this again. Have bought the DeWalt one now. As more simple to use."

Sandy Ferguson says

"Badly made M18 Jobsite radio. A small transformer broke off the board because of bad mechanical design. It wouldn't work from a battery either. No support from Milwaukee despite a month of emails and over a dozen reference numbers given out. I have 50 or 60 year old radios still going but not the recent Milwaukee one."

Robert Nguyen says

"My battery quit working after server also month . To save time for Warranty service I took my circulars saw to service center but it take almost a month still didn’t hear anything. I call every week still pending for evaluation, shipp to fix and ect ... Really..... very disappointing for long the waiting time Look like I have to buy another brand to trust and dependable to work ."

David Gabriel says

"A near new battery, hardly a mark on it stopped working. Bought from Sydney Tools where I purchased all of my Milwaukeee tools from but they dont have a record of this battery on their system. I won`t waste another dollar on Milwaukee. Warranty repair system is a joke, not worth the hassle, steer clear of Milwaukee."

Lao Mick says

"I bought a brand new Milwaukee brad nailer (1st gen) and took it on site with high expectations only to be made to look a complete jerk, now after seeing other peoples same experiences on youtube do I realise what a power of crap Milwaukee are."


"Never buy again No customer service, I bought a power tool from screwfix, which was suggested on their website but I couldn't register for warranty, because this serial number doesn't have warranty. No customer service number. Low quality tools, first time and last time for me."


"They lie about their warranty, and do not honor it. The falsey declined my warranty for no valid reason avoid this brand!!"

Wolf Verch says

"I bought the m12 combined set with impact driver and drill driver 2 1/2 years ago ! After 1y 8m my Impact Driver was broken ! I contacted the service company in the uk in the south, even if I had 2 years extra warranty they said they would not do the repair, but I can send it to them for repairs and then give me a price ! I didn’t know what to do and left it ! A friend of mine in Somerset then sold me his for £50 so I wanna say, do not buy Milwaukee if you use your toolset for a long time and regardless of the quality product, this company does not care about you, they just want to sell the product ? So I recommend Bosch only !,, 👀 They have good quality products and a good service ! Wolf of Wight"

Louis Pittman says

"Crappy customer service. Bought a multi-tool kit in 2014 - drill, recip saw, light, drill, circular saw, impact driver. All have performed well - except impact driver, which was inoperable from Day One - fwd/rev switch just flopped back and forth without engaging anything. Set it aside and forgot about it... Ran across it again the other day, sent it in for exam and possible repair. Got an email back from them denying a warranty repair, saying "OUR FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIAN HAS COMPLETED YOUR WARRANTY EVALUATION. AFTER CAREFUL EXAMINATION IT HAS BEEN DETERMINED THAT THE FAILURE WAS NOT FROM ANY DEFECTS IN MATERIAL OR WORKMANSHIP AND WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR WARRANTY COVERAGE." So, I call the service center to see what it would cost to have it repaired... she tells me that no one has really looked at it to see what was wrong with it... just based on its serial number, it's too old to be a 'warranty repair'. I'm OK with the date thing - that's on me... should have sent it back right away, but I didn't. But don't write me a note telling me you've examined it and it was not a manufacturing defect (It NEVER worked), when in truth, you've not even looked at it... you just rejected it because of its serial number. She was supposed to check into what it would cost to repair and get back in touch with me. Two weeks went by so I emailed them about it. Got a voicemail today saying it couldn't be a warranty repair unless I could provide proof of purchase - I can't, those receipts were tossed long ago. So... I called to check on cost to repair. Again. Got the same story... they've not looked at it. At all. Can't tell me anything, but with their LMR service, they can guarantee that repair will not cost more than $73; could be less, but no guarantee. Yeah, well, I can buy a new one for $61. Not sure what I'm gonna do, but it sure makes me not want to buy another Milwaukee tool. Had a call back from them regarding what my preference was... repair will be $73... not potentially less than $73... it will be $73. Told them to scrap it... not worth it to me. I give them a 1 just because I can't give a lower number."

john Ruddock says

"Really good drill, destroyed by an absolutely useless chuck. I replaced the first chuck 6 weeks ago and now have a drill stuck in it - can’t shift it and have now taken to brutish behaviour ( almost certainly voiding guarantee). Currently have £200 drill with a bit stuck in it. DO NOT BUY MILEAUKEE !!!!!!!"

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